6 Reasons to Enter Your Aesthetic Business into Awards

By Sara Cheeney on September 16th, 2022

If you’re looking for ways to increase the recognition of your aesthetic business, then industry
awards could just be a way for you to do that. But when it comes to entering awards it can be hard
to talk so positively about yourself without feeling a little big-headed! So why should you make the
time to find the right words and enter awards?

1. Cost-Free Marketing

Most industry awards will be free to enter, so as long as you meet the entry requirements, you’re
free to take a shot! Business awards are often overlooked as part of your Marketing toolbox. Just
being shortlisted can improve your brand awareness and promote your business to potential new
customers. Awards will often provide a ‘Shortlisted’ badge that you can use in your Marketing for
example on social media, PR and in your printed collateral.
Awards celebrate hard work and success, making great stories for PR opportunities particularly in
your local area.

2. Personal & Professional Growth

The application process for business awards naturally forces you to look at your business in a new
light and consider what you can offer alongside the competition and other award entries. Suddenly,
you need to be standing out from the competition whether that’s through innovative, investments
or customer service. Even if you don’t go on to win an award, you’ll certainly have some food-for-
thought to take away and build on that may even be more valuable than the award itself.

3. Credibility

The more people that say your business is great, the more people that will start to trust and act on
this information! A business award from a reputable industry body can act as a hugely credible
endorsement for your business activities, the suppliers you choose to work with and the patients
that you treat. Awards are limited, so it can really help to differentiate you from the competition.

4. Opening New Doors

As well as building trust in your patients, becoming an award-winning clinic or industry professional
can also instil a new found trust and respect in your suppliers. This can really help to open up new
doors of opportunity be it with price-points, investments or something new entirely.

5. Employee Motivation

It’s so important to continually recognise the hard work and achievements of your team. Entering an
award in itself speaks volumes to your staff about how proud you are of the state of business.
Should you go on be shortlisted for an award, there’s an opportunity to invite members of your staff
to the ceremony celebrations as a well-earned treat. When it comes to winning an award, it goes
without saying that this will boost staff morale and provide long-lasting motivation across the team.

6. Attract New Talent

Everybody wants to be proud of their place of work. After all, many of us spend more time there
than we do at home! So, becoming an award-winning clinic can really help to attract the right sort of
talent to your team.

If you’re starting to think that business awards may be the right step in your Marketing efforts, email
sara@clinicsuccess.com to discuss a coaching package that includes guidance on your awards

Sara Cheeney

Clinic Success