Aesthetic Business Coaching: What the Journey Looks Like with Clinic Success

After 14 years in the aesthetics industry, running award-winning Pure Perfection and working as a KOL and trainer for brands like ZO® and HydraFacial, it’s safe to say I’ve seen a lot in this industry. 

They say every cloud has a silver lining, and during lockdown 2020 I certainly found one. Clinic Success Ltd started almost by happy accident when the Coronavirus pandemic hit. As clinic doors were forced to shut, I received an ever-increasing number of calls from those struggling to keep their businesses going. Giving out free advice on a daily basis, I quickly realised how rewarding I found it helping others with their aesthetic practices and so Clinic Success was born as an official aesthetic coaching business.

Why I Made Things Official

My coaching business exists simply to help clinic owners tackle business disorganisation and create a clear, actionable plan to achieving your goals. There is nothing worse for a business owner than to feel stressed, anxious and like you just don’t know where to start. That’s where stress kicks in and so things spiral.

Clinic Success gives you a structured and supported method for tackling the biggest problems in your business (and mind!) As a third-party to your business, I’m able to come in and see a clear view of what’s before me and so provide unbiased opinions and plans for achieving a brighter future.

Working in Harmony

Clinic Success gets to the route of where and why your aesthetic business is struggling and works with you to finally start re-organising and planning. “With you” is really the key phrase here – I’m not here to take control away from you or to work for you. Instead, Clinic Success is about building a positive relationship that provides you with regular, one-to-one support. 

The Coaching Process

There are very clear steps that we take on this coaching journey to start moving your business along in a more positive direction. 

Step 1

First things first, soon after you enquire we’ll have a relaxed Zoom call to get to know each other. Inviting a third-party into the bones of your business can be tough, so I believe it’s key to get along on a personal level first and establish that positive relationship.

Step 2 

Once we’re happy that we can work in harmony, we make things official and sign the contract. 

Step 3

Next up, I’ll issue you with a business status questionnaire. These questions are all about your business as it stands and how things are going for you. At this stage, we develop an organisational chart too. As your coach, I need to understand who is in the business currently, what their roles are and how you might want to restructure this, like expanding the team. 

Step 4

It’s really important for you to then take a moment to reflect. Ask yourself what lifestyle you really want and how your business can help you achieve that. Things like, how many days and hours a week you want to work. What money do you realistically need or want to earn? 

I’ll then give you a second questionnaire in relevance to these questions to establish your personal development goals. Whilst I am here to coach your business through its struggles, I also need to understand why you started your business in the first place and what the motivation was behind it. 

Step 5

Once the initial getting to know one another phase is complete, then the real coaching journey can begin. Our working relationship will include weekly calls, regular WhatsApp’s and strategic advice to guide you through your journey, be it over the next few months to years.

Ultimately, every business be it aesthetic or otherwise generally seeks help from a coach due to a lack of direction. Clinic Success exists to give you the focus back and help resolve the biggest problems in your aesthetic business. By doing so, we often solve some of the smaller snags along the way too.

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