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During our time with Sara and Clinic Success we have grown in confidence, success and of course grown our clinic. We have improved our productivity and efficiency by working harder but more importantly working smarter under Sara’s guidance. We are forever grateful for this mentoring with Clinic Success and for the ongoing platform support we have access to.

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Simon Haroutunian

Simon Haroutunian

Simon Haroutunian is the director of Shine Medical Consulting Ltd. Simon founded the company in 2022 to act as a business consultant to the pharmaceutical and aesthetic industries focussing on medical education, training and events, strategy and employee/team development. His previous working experiences have been at Wigmore Medical, FACE, Euromedicom and Merz Aesthetics.

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Taruna Chauhan

Taruna Chauhan

Taruna is the Director of T Chauhan Consultancy. Her work involves supporting aesthetics businesses who undertake a regulated activity with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Health Improvement Scotland (HIS) She started her business because she saw time and again through personal experience how lack of processes and continuous improvement meant those receiving a regulated activity were not getting person centered care and treatments , without adequate systems in place the provider was not able to show the CQC or HIS how they were meeting the standards. She mentors and coaches the sector right from the start of their journey with their CQC/HIS application and then provides ongoing support to be inspection ready using her Continuous Quality Success Framework.

She provides coaching and mentoring to clinic owners, being a business owner can be lonely. Her skills as a MBit Coach, Goal Mapping Coach and NLP Master Practitioner means she works with you on both business strategy and mindset, she calls it bringing out your inner wisdom because we all have it.

She is the author of Outstanding a leader’s guide to effective CQC registration, which you can buy here.

She is a speaker and has spoken at various events about validation and evidence to meet standards compliance and has written articles for the Aesthetics Journal and Aesthetic Medicine. She also has a podcast on Spotify called Continuous Quality Compliance.

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Alan S Adams

Alan S Adams

Defining your 100%
Understanding People’s Values
Psychology of how things work

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Richard Gibbons

Richard Gibbons

Richard is the founder of Boost My Customers.

He works exclusively with clinics to help them attract their DREAM clients without resorting to discounts, fake scarcity or unethical practices!

The way he happens to achieve this is through his “Clinic Marketing Blueprint”. This is his bespoke system that will bring you new clients on auto-pilot!

Your business can’t grow if you don’t have people to talk to and those devices you’ve got sitting around won’t sell themselves! His team qualify, attract, and generate bookings for your clinic to ensure you never have to worry about where your next client will come from (that’s their job!).

After working with over 100 clinics, Richard and his team have mastered the art of client generation using social media.
IG: @boostmycustomers

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