Building a Winning Team: Why and How to Do It for Your Aesthetic Clinic

By Sara Cheeney on April 30th, 2023

Your team is the beating heart of your business. This is one of the first things I communicate to all of
my coaching clients. Without a winning team at the core of your aesthetic business, you cannot
expect to move forward to lasting success.

From the moment you hire someone through to their daily activity in your business, every stage
matters and is crucial to clinic success.

Put Pen to Paper
One of the first things I get all my coaching clients to do is to draw up an organisational structure for
their business as it stands. Whilst you may think you know your team structure; things can often look
a little different when written down in front of you.

This gives you a moment to reflect on your original dreams and motivations for starting a business
and looking at how you build a team to achieve this. We need to get to the core of what your
business needs and how to create and fill positions to help reach these goals.

Building the Right Job Description
Once you’ve established the needs for your business, it’s time to writing a winning job description.
This is not the time to sugar-coat or leave details in the dark. You need to create a clear, accurate
description of the daily tasks this role will need to fill, and that most definitely includes Sales.

The need for Sales skills is often left out of clinic roles, but ultimately it is almost always required.
Leaving this information out results in two problems: the person hired often isn’t the right one for
your business, and the staff member themselves is not happy in the role either.

Remember to add in all the benefits of working for you as a business too. This includes anything
from company benefits, commissions, bonuses, discounts, training and personal development. This
is your chance to present the role as a real opportunity for someone to grow on a professional level.

Advertising the Role
Once you’ve pulled all the details of the role together, you need to think about where to advertise.
You have all the standard recruitment site options like Reed and Indeed which can be helpful on a
geographical level. Then you have social media including LinkedIn which can help to source people
who have a real interest in your business personally. There are also industry specific job listing sites
like which helps to source those within our industry.

Advertising across all three types of sites can help to give you an interesting dynamic of people to
consider, just ensure you don’t overwhelm yourself with too many applications.

Narrowing Down your Options
I always recommend to shortlist candidates over the phone before booking out lots of diary time for
face-to-face interviews on those that may not be suitable off paper.

Arrange some quick phone-calls and use a few questions that really matter to your business
operations to help shortlist who you’d like to interview in person. Once they’re in the door, you can
use this time to get to know them more and establish how their personality may fit in with the
company ethos and team dynamic.

Don’t forget to ask for references too!

The Person Behind the Profession
Taking potential candidates through personality profiling like “DISC” can really help you to decide
whether a person’s traits fit both the job and team dynamic. DISC stands for; Dominance, Influence,
Steadiness and Compliance. The assessment looks to explain a candidates behaviour in each of these
realms and how this would be projected towards others and everyday activities.

You can access the DISC assessment by Tony Robbins for free here:

Feel Confident in Your Decision
Even with interviews, personality profiles and phone calls it can still be hard to imagine how
someone may fit into day-to-day activities.

One thing I always do in my clinic at Pure Perfection is have a potential new candidate work with the
team for a day before offering them a contract of employment. This is a chance to see them in action
and have them do some team-building exercises and everyday tasks before their foot is officially in
the door. That way, you can feel 100% confident in your decision to hire them.

Employment and Beyond
It’s always a relief when you reach the end of the hiring process, but it’s not the end of the journey.
Nurturing your team is important for every single day that they work for you. And the more you look
after them, the longer they are likely to stay.

For new team members, issue them with induction days and training plans to get them settled as
quickly and efficiently as possible. At Pure Perfection, I always like to Mystery Shop them too just to
make sure they are accountable in those early days.

Here are 6 other useful tips I have for looking after the team as a whole:

  1. Offer ‘Standardisation Days’ once a quarter to make sure everyone in the team is singing
    from the same hymn sheet and offering the exact same experience to clients, no matter who
    looks after them.
  2. Keep a Team Building Diary and treat your staff once a quarter to a bit of social downtime
  3. Keep a Tips Jar and share all the tips equally between staff – there’s no ‘i’ in team!
  4. Get members of the team to share their lunch break together where possible
  5. Run a ‘Team Buzz’ every morning where staff can give a sentence or two about what their
    days are going to be like and any support they may need from the team to achieve this
  6. Schedule and stick to your annual appraisals – these are so important for 2-way feedback
    and Personal Development

Key Takeaway Tip
One of the most-common issues I come across as an Aesthetics business coach is Clinic Owners not
willing to let go. Your business is your baby, so I get it. But not letting go of anything leads to feeling
overwhelmed and stress which are both unhelpful to business growth.

It’s crucial you learn to let go of tasks and empower your team to own these so you can focus on the
biggest picture. Sometimes your staff have skills that are better than yours, but they are wasted ifthey’re not able to use them. Grab a copy of the “One Minute Manager” book for some great advice
on Management Skills.

For more information on hiring a winning team, it all starts with hiring an aesthetics coach like me!
Email to start your journey.

Sara Cheeney

Clinic Success