Creating a 5 Star Experience: My Customer Service Tricks & Treats

With Halloween just around the corner, it seemed fitting to write something around the tricks & treats of the trade. When it comes to a positive experience in clinic, patients of course need a safe, results-driven treatment. More than that though, there’s so many things that you and your team can do to take a ‘good experience’ to an exceptional one.

#1 Send Appointment Reminders

Once your patient has booked in for a treatment, when is the next time they hear from you?

If it’s when they arrive for their appointment, you’ve missed a trick. Checking in with them before-hand with a little reminder of their appointment date and time can go a long way. Not only does it reduce the number of no-shows, it gives you a chance to make sure the time is still convenient for them and let them know you’re excited to see them. This little message can really help to reduce the anxiety levels in patients who are new to aesthetics too.

#2 Smiles All Round

Patients will often feel a few nerves on the appointment day, depending on what they’re coming in for. A re-assuring smile as they walk through the door can help put them at ease and feel confident that everything is safe and well. From the receptionist, to the aesthetician and through to the skincare consultant, it should be smiles all round.

There is nothing worse than a standard welcome of “Have you got an appointment?” Your CRM system should show patient bookings, so 5-star service would utilise this technology and give you the opportunity to greet them by name.

#3 Treat Them on Their Birthday

With the nature of what we do as practitioners we should all have our patients DOB to hand. That gives you an exciting opportunity to treat patients on their birthdays. Whether it’s a birthday card, some branded chocolates, a warm cup of coffee or a bottle of fizz to take-away, think about what you can surprise them with for the ‘WOW’ factor.

#4 Post-Treatment Check-ins

What does your patient care look like after their treatment has finished? It’s so important to follow-up with patients’ post-treatment to make sure they’re happy and answer any questions, and the 5-star service way of doing this is picking up the phone. From the patient’s point of view, it helps to re-instate that feeling that you do care for their welfare even after the treatments been paid for. From a non-invasive facial, to injectables and surgery, also put together some go-to communications that you can send out in writing post-treatment. 

#5 Develop a Loyalty Program

There’s a secret that most business owners don’t know – 20% of your customers generate 80% of your income. So to say it’s important to look after those regular patients is an understatement. Think about building a loyalty program that continues to reward them for their custom. Whether it’s money off treatments, a freebie, a skincare product or something else – give back to those that keep your business flying.

#6 Reply to them on Social

If you have customers that regularly engage with you on social media, be sure to reply to them and give thanks for this! As the algorithms continually change and complicate, it’s harder than ever to generate meaningful engagement. If you’re lucky enough to have some, then validating this engagement with a response goes a long way.

#7 Personalise the Experience

Every patient’s skin condition, age, type and goals will be different. Personalising their treatment plan and experience helps to show that you understand this and are able to generate the right results for their skin. This includes everything from the type of treatment they have, the skincare they take home and the future upselling discussions you have. Patients are often open to suggestions if they work and help them to meet their goals, so get personal!

For more advice on analysing your patient experience and generating the 5-star service they deserve, email and start your coaching journey. 

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