FACE Conference 2022 Round-up & Planning Your Next Conference

The calendar was dated ‘2019’ the last time we all attended a FACE Conference, so it’s safe to say I was so eager to get back to it this year. It’s the UK’s premier medical aesthetics event and is always firmly marked in my diary!

There are so many things to love about this event, from catching up with colleagues, meeting world-renowned industry names and all the fantastic education opportunities. 

Speaking with Dr Obagi

This year was particularly special as I was given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to speak alongside the ZO Skin Health Symposium panel – including Dr Obagi! 

My subject was all things multi-modality, and I was able to share my experiences in treating tricky skin conditions like Melasma, Acne and Rosacea. These can be famously tough to tackle so I was honoured to contribute something that could truly help the FACE attendees. 

Discussing this live at the 02 in London alongside Dr Obagi himself is something I will never forget! For anyone that came to listen to the talk, I hope you found it educational and inspiring.

Sharing Clinic Success

Another exciting part of FACE this year wasn’t just finding inspiration and new technologies for my clinic at Pure Perfection, it was the chance to share Clinic Success with potential clients.

A room full of aesthetic clinic owners opened up many conversations and doors of possibility from those looking to grow their businesses, and I can’t wait to explore these avenues more!

Industry Friends

Amongst all of that excitement, I had just about enough time left to catch up with some of my industry friends and neighbours, including past coaching clients! It was great to hear how their businesses continue to grow even beyond our coaching journey.

Planning your next conference visit

There’s a lot to be gained from these industry events and not nearly enough time to absorb it all. Planning your visit is vital so here are some things to consider:

  • How will you get to the event? Can you drive or will you need to get a train? Is there parking? These are the sorts of things that can trip you up on the day and mean you arrive later than you’d hoped.
  • What time do you need to leave home? Does this time allow for traffic or delays?
  • Is anybody joining you at the event? Will you meet them there or travel together?
  • Have you downloaded your tickets?
  • Do you have the agenda for the day to hand? What talks will you attend and where are they being hosted?
  • Who do you want to speak to when you’re there, do you know where to find them or can you book mini-meetings in advance of the day?
  • Have you packed your business cards?
  • What will you wear? What’s the dress code?

Dates for the diary

9th-11th Sept: British Society of Aesthetics Conference

24th-25th Sept: Professional Beauty Manchester

12th-13th Oct: CCR Expo 2022

13th-14th Oct: Clinical Cosmetic & Reconstructive Expo

There are still plenty of exciting dates in the aesthetic calendar for the remainder of 2022. If there’s any you plan to attend, make sure you block the time out in your diary. Events are so important for business growth yet often the first thing to be side-lined, so plan the time out in advance.

If you missed the multi-modalities talk at FACE Conference 2022 and would like more information, please email sara@clinicsuccess.com

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