In-house Marketing vs. Outsourcing: Marketing Smart Choices for Your Aesthetic Practice

If you’ve got goals to grow your aesthetic clinic in 2023, then the chances are you need to elevate your Marketing efforts in some way. An in-house Marketing team isn’t something many aesthetic clinics have due to expense, but there are certainly some pro’s to doing so.

A clear Marketing strategy is the beating heart of clinic success, so prioritise it! Here’s some pros and cons to help you decide whether an in-house marketer or outsourced agency is the right choice for you.

5 Pros of Keeping it In-House

Brand familiarity

Consistency is key when it comes to Marketing. Your messaging, style, values and content need to be clear and familiar to the audience in order to resonate. Using an in-house Marketer ensures these are set out from the start and stuck to in everything they do. Plus, if the business direction changes, this is quickly and easily communicated.

Faster execution

With a body in-house, if something needs turning around quickly then the support is already on-hand. Think about events and seasonal occasions – these are all likely to need Marketing support quickly and potentially last minute to boost interest and sales.

Single-stream focus

Unlike agencies who are managing lots of brands, your business is their only professional priority so you can be sure the work will get done and to the standard and specification required.

Keeping control

Regular meetings, communications and strategizing can easily take place with an in-house body. Much of what Marketing needs is data-driven research with you may want to keep within the security of your own team.

Industry expertise

Keeping it in-house gives you the opportunity to find someone with specific experience in the aesthetics industry. It really is a one-of-a-kind industry and needs someone who’s got their head around the style and regulations.

But, consider this too…

Whilst there’s plenty of strong reasons to invest in an in-house Marketeer, it’s definitely not your most affordable option. Recruitment and training processes can be lengthy and tiring and, in the end, you become reliant on one person to stay committed to your brand – else you’re starting the whole process again. There’s also a fair amount of software costs to consider for a Marketeer to do their job properly like social scheduling tools and design software.

So, what about outsourcing? Could that be an option for your clinic?

5 Pros of Outsourcing

The right expertise

Using an agency means you’ve got a team of people all working within their own areas of expertise on your brand. Whether it’s social media, SEO or web design you’ll be given the right person for the job each time.

Proven templates

Whilst your business goals and status will make it a personalised experience, agencies will often have proven templates and methods for achieving particular goals allowing you to hit the ground running and get started on your strategy quicker.


A growing business is an exciting one, and you need a team of Marketers that can grow with you. An agency means you’re not limited to a single body and can – subject to the agency’s capacity – upscale or downscale your efforts at any time.

Fresh ideas, fresh ideas

Sometimes a third pair of eyes is exactly what you need to unlock new ideas take an exciting new direction. Bringing in people who are disconnected from your everyday activity is almost guaranteed to make you look at your business differently.

Best practices

Agencies need to be at the top of their game at all times, and that includes working within best practice. Outsourced teams will know exactly what works, what’s acceptable and what should be discouraged at any given time – so you can be sure everything they do is in your businesses interest!

But, consider this too…

Agencies have a lot to offer for sure, but remember no matter how good they are they’ll never be based within your clinic. There will always be an element of disconnect and a lack of control as the agencies are separated from your business. Managing multiple clients means communication lines are likely to be slower and decisions are not necessarily data-driven from your business. 

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