Making Marketing Easier: 5 Tools That are Perfect for Aesthetic Businesses

By Sara Cheeney on August 23rd, 2023

If there’s one thing that’s lacking in almost every aesthetic business that I coach – it’s Marketing. In
the busy day-to-day running of a clinic, Marketing can seem like the easiest thing to put to the
bottom of the to-do list.

But the problem is almost all of them want to increase their sales and client base.

Sales and Marketing go hand-in-hand, so step 1 for getting your clinic busier and generating more
money is to stop side-lining your Marketing activity.

In the digital world we live in, there are plenty of tools to help you get on top of things and
streamline your Marketing efforts so it doesn’t need to eat into your day-to-day time.

Tool #1 – Instagram Insights
Knowing your audience is the first stage to increasing the ROI and success of your Marketing
campaigns. If the message doesn’t resonate with your intended audience, it’ll never work.

Much of this information is in the palm of your hand already.

Within Instagram Business Pages, there is an ‘Insights’ section. This can tell you when your audience
are online, what they engage with and what social messages are getting the biggest reactions. Just
hit the 3 lines in the top right of your Instagram Profile page and hit ‘Insights’.

Tool #2 –
Once you’ve established your audience, you can start planning those all-important campaigns.
Using a tool like (link to this) can really help to streamline this process and keep
communication lines open between everyone involved in the project. For example, if you use a third-
party printing or design company, you can add them into the projects for regular, real-time updates.
Set dates, attach documents and keep everything in one place for end-to-end campaign management.

Tool #3 – Canva
If hiring a designer or outsourcing to an agency isn’t within your budget or timeline, you can do a lot
with a tool like Canva (link to this).

You don’t need any experience in design to use a drag and drop tool like this and it can help you to
get ideas off the ground and provide things like social media content within minutes.

Tool #4 – Facebook Creator Studio
If you’re still scheduling social media posts in real-time and on-the-go, then stop! Facebook has a
free scheduling tool called ‘Creator Studio’ (link to this) that allows you to schedule posts ahead of
time on both Facebook and Instagram.

Spend an hour or so a week just scheduling posts for the week ahead and then you can get back to
what you do best in the knowledge that your social is covered.

Tool #5 – Mailchimp

Email Marketing is a super affordable Marketing stream for any business with a database. Mailchimp
(link to this) provides low-cost solutions to Email Marketing and if your client base is concise enough,
it may even be free!

Simply upload your database, design simple drag-and-drop emails and schedule all your email
marketing campaigns to go on the exact date and time you need them too.

BONUS TOOL #6 – Advennture Design
When trying to market my own business with Clinic Success last year, I found a fantastic Marketing
Agency called Advennture Design that actually specialise in aesthetics and are headed-up by the ex-
Marketing Manager of HydraFacial UK.

Working with them allows me to stop worrying about the need for new blogs, social media posts and
client database updates – all the things I just don’t get time to do but know are important. If it needs
designing or writing, Advennture Design can do it.

For more information on Advennture Design’s marketing services email them on

If you would like tailored support with your Marketing strategy, it all starts with hiring an aesthetics
coach like me! Email to start your journey.

Sara Cheeney

Clinic Success