Running a Modern Aesthetic Clinic: Making Smart Decisions

By Sara Cheeney on October 4th, 2022

After 14 years in the aesthetics industry, running award-winning Pure Perfection and having had my
own skin troubles as a young adult, it’s safe to say this industry has given and shown me a lot.

After winning ‘Aesthetic Nurse of the Year’ in 2019, I received an ever-increasing number of calls
from those struggling to keep their businesses going during the COVID-19 lockdown. Giving out
advice on a daily basis, I quickly realised how rewarding I found it helping others with their aesthetic
practices and so Clinic Success was born as an official aesthetic coaching business. Prior to that I had
done some strategy days for colleagues and loved every minute but lockdown opened my mind to
realised that so many need business support.

What Does a Successful Clinic Look Like?
There are several key things you need in place in order to run a long-lasting, successful clinic. Success
doesn’t just mean ‘busy’ either, it means profitable, it means attracting new clientele and it means a
happy team too.

Here’s a few things to consider when benchmarking your clinic:

  • Do you have an active clinic success plan in place?
  • Is there a working Marketing strategy?
  • Do you have your dream team in place within the clinic?
  • Are you offering regular staff training and appraisals?
  • Are you nurturing your customer base?
  • What are your lead generation efforts like?
  • Do you keep a keen eye on the finances?
  • Are you led by patient safety?
  • Do you have intelligent systems in place that help you meet your goals?

Remember Why You Started…

On busy or challenging days, it’s always good to take a moment to reflect on why you started your business in the first place, to re-find that much needed motivation.

Through the Clinic Success coaching plan, I use a Dream Board system to help you lay out your dreams for your business (and personal life!) to help us build an action plan to start making them come true. We’ll discuss everything from lifestyle choices, to financial goals, your personal passions and career goals too.

What Makes You, You?

Next up, we need to define what makes you different. What makes you stand out from the crowd and get ahead of the competition? Here we look at your USP’s and what you can offer that the competition can’t or isn’t. We’ll also talk about how you want to be, and how this may differ to your current status.

4 Segments of Business

In every business, aesthetic or not, there are 4 key segments that need constant review, analysis and planning. These are:

  • Marketing – Here we look at things like your strategy, how these impacts on your ROI, whether to outsource or not and competitor analysis.
  • HR – Within here we’re talking about staff training, team motivation, tactics for successful hiring and firing and how to deal with business adversities.
  • Finance – The management of your money is crucial and that means both profits and loss. We’ll discuss budgeting and investments too.
  • Operations – Who runs the show in clinic, and who should be? What does your day-to-day clinic life look like and how can we align the team better and improve on facilities and supplier management.

Working in Harmony
Every successful business person has a coach to help them continuously grow, highlight
opportunities and stay accountable. Even those at the top of their game will find inspiration and
room for improvement. Clinic Success gets to the route of where and why your aesthetic business is
struggling and works with you to finally start re-organising and planning. “With you” is really the key
phrase here – I’m not here to take control away from you or to work for you. Instead, Clinic Success
is about building a positive relationship that provides you with regular, one-to-one support.

Ultimately, every business be it aesthetic or otherwise generally seeks help from a coach due to a
lack of direction. Clinic Success exists to give you the focus back and help resolve the biggest
problems in your aesthetic business. By doing so, we often solve some of the smaller snags along the
way too.

Why Choose Me as Your Aesthetic Coach?
There’s a very simple, important difference between myself and other business coaching. I am
walking in your aesthetic shoes on a day-to-day basis. Not only have I founded an Awards Winning
Clinic, I still own and run it so I know how it feel s to be a clinic owner right now.

I’ve had almost every business adversity happen to me, meaning I’ve already come up with
successful strategies for overcoming these that can applied to your business too.

With limited availability throughout Autumn, if you feel an aesthetic coach is the right choice for
your personal and business development then don’t delay in getting in touch. I have two free spaces,
and it all starts with a free strategy call and Marketing plan.

To start your life-changing coaching journey, email

Sara Cheeney

Clinic Success