Summer Time in an Aesthetic Clinic: How to Deal with the Peaks and Troughs

By Sara Cheeney on July 3rd, 2023

Spring time is a famously busy time for aesthetic practitioners. Clients are all looking to get those
treatments booked in for their best summer self.

But because of that, Summer comes around and things go quiet. Many clients have already had the
treatments they wanted and are now off enjoying their summer holidays. On top of that, the busy
clinic-life of Spring means you haven’t properly prepared for the downtime either.

There are ways to maximise your business potential during this time though. A dip in bookings
doesn’t have to mean a dip in success. Here’s 5 tips for making the most of the downtime.

1. Prepare for Autumn

What follows the sun? Sun damage. Commons aesthetic concerns come the Autumn time are
pigmentation and sun spots. August is a great time to start offering package deals on these post-
summer rejuvenation treatments and book people in advance, taking deposits to secure the

2. Treat Your Staff

When clinic life is busy it can be so hard to justify taking time out. But everybody needs a break and
a chance for some team bonding. The quiet time of Summer is an ideal opportunity to give everyone
a well-deserved treat for all their hard work through Spring.

3. Push Your Other Treatments

Whilst some treatments are not ideal during the summer, other areas of your treatment menu will
be suitable all year around. Injectables for example are not impacted by the harsh summer sun and
don’t involve any downtime, so why not run a campaign on “kissable lips for holiday romances”?

4. Take a Look at Your Strategy

Things like Marketing strategies are always side-lined when things get busy. But in reality, they are
so important to the wider picture and might actually help you through these quiet times! So if you’re
sitting on some downtime, put it to good use and have a look at your business plan and strategies
for the year. Are you on track for your goals, and if not, what can you do in the second half of 2022
to meet them?

5. Encourage Referrals

If you don’t already have a referral scheme in place, now is a great time to introduce one. Offering
the referrer and the referee something in return for their custom is a great to ensure both parties
return to you for future treatments. Set an expiry date that suits your downtime to ensure they
come back when you need them too.

Email for more help on managing your clinic downtime and turning this into
clinic success!

Sara Cheeney

Clinic Success